Timeless, Infinite Light is an Oakland-based small press

We primarily publish contemporary poetry, but also veer into critical theory, experimental fiction, ephemera, and whatever surprises us. Sometimes our books look like books, and sometimes they don’t. We have a west coast lean towards the experimental/political/mystical.

We have published works by Ivy Johnson, Olive Blackburn, Justin Carder, Amy Berkowitz, Zoe Tuck, Sasha Fletcher, Emji Spero, Otis Pig, and many others. We currently are working on an anthology of East Bay poets called It's Night in San Francisco but It's Sunny in Oakland, as well as a set of calendar reform tracts by Hakim Bey.

We are also in the midst of beginning our most ambitious project yet: a publishing resource center. We collaborating with other literary organizations in the Bay to set up a community printing studio and developing a workshop series to facilitate it. This space will provide Oakland text artists with the tools and skills to publish their own and others' work.

Timeless, Infinite Light Promo Spot 2 from Timeless, Infinite Light on Vimeo.